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Dec 11 2010

My Philosophy on Science Education

Hello old friends!! Christmas is rapidly approaching and I have failed to provide updates on the events of my first semester of teaching. :(  However, I have a paper due Monday for one of my grad classes that asks me to describe my philosophy on Science Education.  At least this anecdote will provide some insight into my thoughts:
Like any egocentric teenager, while in High School, I loved talking about myself, thinking about myself and trying to figure out how things related to ME.  Therefore, when I was younger, I always enjoyed English because I could relate it to my life in so many ways, whether I was reading a novel or play in which I could find ties to myself, or writing an essay or paper during which I could express my own thoughts and emotions.  I was invested in English because I felt a connection to it, one which…

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Oct 21 2010

A population unseen

So I am exhausted but I just need to vent for one second: So yesterday there was a ridiculous fight that broke out at our school in the cafeteria, during 2nd lunch– which is the lunch for 11th and 12th graders and the older academy. We’re talking 300-400 students in lunch at the same time.…

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Oct 03 2010


So here we are, October 2, 2010, and I have been teaching since August 23rd, 2010.  This is only my second blog post, when I swore I would post at least once a week.  Looking back on it, in so many ways I was so naive.  I heard stories from TFAers that were friends from…

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Aug 28 2010

First week

This week was one of the hardest weeks of my entire life. School started Monday. So I work at a turnaround school, that has suffered from low expectations, insufficient resources and thus low attendance and low proficiency scores in the past. 2 years ago, my school’s average daily attendance rate was around 40%. 40%!! That…

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Hello all! I have not been a diligent blogger, but I did want to bring your attention to a request I posted on DonorsChoose.org. I know many of you are familiar with the site, which allows teachers to post projects that they would like to be funded. My current project is simple: I am teaching…

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Aug 15 2010

Planning for the new year

So I have been FINALLY placed! In order to keep anonymity for my students, I will not tell you where, but it is a High School in Southeast D.C.  You could definitely say that this school is where I am most needed.  I will be teaching Chemistry (10th and 11th graders!) and I will be…

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Jul 28 2010

Institute: Student Achievement

So today was my final day of teaching summer school.  I’m definitely left with a bittersweet feeling.  Today I did a lesson on college applications for my students, as they are either 11th or 12th graders, with the exception of a few that graduate tomorrow! I told them about different types of degrees, different types…

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Jul 26 2010

Institute: Nearing the end

I can’t believe I will be done with institute on Friday!!  I have been HORRIBLE at writing in my blog so I apologize! I haven’t done anything for leisure except for on the weekends, so it isn’t like I have ignored all of you!  Tomorrow my 20 Chemistry students will take the final, which for…

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Jul 01 2010

Institute: Lesson Planning

So long story short: Lesson planning is 100000000000000000x harder than I had anticipated! I guess this is why no one gets any sleep at institute!  P.S.  Our first 2 lesson plans were due today (in painstaking detail).. and I was up until 1:45 am.  So up I rose at 5 am, much to my dismay. …

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Jun 28 2010

Institute: Day 1

So today was the first official day of institute.  One major thing I will say is that although yesterday was a big disorganized mess in comparison to the primed and polished DC Induction, today impressed me a little more. EXCEPT for the bus situation this morning (leaving 15 minutes late) and the bus situation this…

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