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Jun 25 2010


Hey guys! (to my possibly invisible readers?) So I am in the middle of induction in DC right now. I’ll make sure I keep this short because I’m actually borrowing my roommate Paige’s laptop with stolen internet right now, because I’m not getting a laptop from TFA until I get to Philly, and because we don’t technically have access to internet here at GW right now.  So anyway, induction’s been crazy so far.  It’s been fun, exciting and overwhelming at the same time.  I’ve met a million people so far, and many of them are really really cool.  I’m learning so much about the corp member’s backgrounds already, which is really cool to see where everyone from our corps came from.  Day 1 (tuesday) we just checked in, got our room keys, got to unpack, etc.  That afternoon we had a bunch of free time to go to activities and such and I went to Georgetown cupcake which is going to have a new reality show about it :) and then we had a BBQ that night near the tidal basin in west potomac park and then we went to a bar in Dupont.  Yesterday we had a lot of information sessions about TFA and then I stayed in last night to prepare for my “tentative introduction interview”.. yeah boring I know. But hey, we’re here to begin our professional careers, right?  SO yeah, i researched the school, and it sounds like an AMAZING school! Its a 6-12 school who has mostly latino students, many of which are bilingual.  They place a huge emphasis on cultivating students as a whole, and on college prep work too, which is amazing.  So yeah I had an interview today with the school.  I showed up at 9:20 am and was told that I was going to be interviewing with a TFA alum that now is the head of the Science program or hiring or something and that it’d be awesome.  2 hours later, me and the two other chemistry people that were interviewing for the position had not been interviewed. SO at about 12 pm I finally got in for the interview. The woman ended up being like 65 years old and definitely not a TFA alum.. she was also kind of stone-faced during the majority of the interview so that was kind of crazy. BUT it seemed to go really well, except at the end of the interview when the woman told me that they may not actually even have a Chemistry position available anymore.  She then asked me if I would be interested in teaching Anatomy, or something Biology related (which TFA tries to sway people away from, and more towards the subject matter they were supposed to teach).    The most crazy thing she asked me was why I would teach when I could be making a lot more money in Forensics.  That kind of took me back for a second, but I told her that Forensics is more government based anyway, and that I wasn’t picking a career based on money, that I wanted to help other people instead.  So I think it went well, but since there maybe isn’t a Chemistry position, it would be understandable if I didn’t get it. Anyway, exhausted.. night!!!

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  1. Angela

    Hey Marie!!! (It’s Angela from school!) Sounds so awesome!

    Do you have other options for different schools if this one doesn’t work out? The lady didn’t sound very optimistic about anything =/ But it really sounds cool everything you’ve been doing. Congrats!!

  2. ms.frig

    hey Angela! Thanks for reading! DId you start your job yet? Yeah TFA actually just keeps getting us interviews until we get a position, and accept it. There’s plenty of time left to find one, and most people haven’t even interviewed yet. Good luck wityh everything!

  3. Kate

    Hey Marie! It’s cool to see what you’re doing, everything sounds exciting but that’s probably because I don’t have to sit and wait for two hours haha! If you get a chance there is a restaurant in Georgetown called Paolo’s, it is literally the best food I’ve ever had, and if you have the time (I don’t know how they do your meals) you should definitely try it! Good luck with interviews and everything. I would call but I don’t know what your schedule looks like, and I have really weird hours as well. It will be interesting to see where you end up teaching but I’m sure it will be fun! hopefully talk to you or see you soon!

  4. wearepennstate

    Welcome to TFA! I’m an 2007 Philly alum (in biology), and an SMT this summer…maybe you’ll be one of my CMs! It sounds like you are going to be a fantastic teacher.

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