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Jun 28 2010

Institute: Day 1

So today was the first official day of institute.  One major thing I will say is that although yesterday was a big disorganized mess in comparison to the primed and polished DC Induction, today impressed me a little more. EXCEPT for the bus situation this morning (leaving 15 minutes late) and the bus situation this afternoon (breaking down and leaving 30+ minutes late, lol) everything was very on schedule and timely. Our SD is really cool (school director for all you non-TFA readers) and my CMA (corps member advisor) is really cool too! I found out i’ll be teaching 11th grade Chemistry.  Our school campus is actually really really nice and its relatively cool, given that its been 90+ and humid for the last week or so. However, the school buses we take to and from Temple are not air conditioned, and the dining hall is a 10-15 min walk from our dorm, so needless to say: sticky central!  I’m really excited I got HS Chemistry, because it will be good practice for when I start teaching by my lonesome this fall.  My collaborative group of Chemistry teachers is one girl from DC and a girl and guy from other regions.  A bunch of the DC Chem people are together in a different school :(.  But ANYWAY, this year institute doesn’t have many mandatory night sessions, especially for secondary teachers. YAY YAYY YAYYY! This is AMAZING, because that means we only have 14 hour days instead of like.. 24. lol. That’s an exaggeration, but if you get the drift, I’ll be home from school at 4:30pm, and instead of having sessions until 8:30 pm and THEN having to lesson plan, we will just be able to come home, and eat, relax and lesson plan. Yay for less 4 hour sleep nights!! (I know you past core members will be jealous!). Anyway, we had opening ceremonies today, and Wendy Kopp (founder, CEO) spoke as well as some other amazing people. But anyway.  Breakfast is at 6 am and we board the buses at 6:30 am so I am already limited to 6 hours of sleep if I go to bed now!

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