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Jul 01 2010

Institute: Lesson Planning

So long story short: Lesson planning is 100000000000000000x harder than I had anticipated! I guess this is why no one gets any sleep at institute!  P.S.  Our first 2 lesson plans were due today (in painstaking detail).. and I was up until 1:45 am.  So up I rose at 5 am, much to my dismay.  Yes, for all you observant readers out there.. that is 4 hours of sleep.  Whoo! And our management and investment plans are due tomorrow, along with technically our posters and other materials for our classrooms.  I’m VERY excited to get going, but also nervous.  P.S. things that suck and are the reason we are here:

Me: How do you get your parents involved in their student’s academic achievements?

Teacher: Well.. I try not to.

OH! Silly me.  But on a humble and respectful note, he is older, been around the block quite a few times, and eager to help us new teachers learn, which is awesome!

Last note of the evening: I got a follow up phone interview with the school I interviewed with. YAY YAY YAY! Its supposed to be tomorrow if we can fit it in.. SO excited!

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