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Jul 26 2010

Institute: Nearing the end

I can’t believe I will be done with institute on Friday!!  I have been HORRIBLE at writing in my blog so I apologize! I haven’t done anything for leisure except for on the weekends, so it isn’t like I have ignored all of you!  Tomorrow my 20 Chemistry students will take the final, which for some, will decide their fate for the summer grade and if they have to take the class again next year, can move on to 12th grade, or graduate.  I’m wishing them all the best, will you too?  This summer has been a crazy rollercoaster..  no sleep, insane constant stress level, lesson planning, lesson planning and lesson planning!  There have definitely been more ups than downs, as I am learning SO much, and I love my kids.  However, those little rascals like to keep me on my toes!  More to come later in some reflections, but I just wanted to inform you that I AM alive, and I am almost there!  We moved our stuff in last week in our apartment and we will be permanently living there in just one week! Yay! :)

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