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Jul 28 2010

Institute: Student Achievement

So today was my final day of teaching summer school.  I’m definitely left with a bittersweet feeling.  Today I did a lesson on college applications for my students, as they are either 11th or 12th graders, with the exception of a few that graduate tomorrow! I told them about different types of degrees, different types…

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Jul 01 2010

Institute: Lesson Planning

So long story short: Lesson planning is 100000000000000000x harder than I had anticipated! I guess this is why no one gets any sleep at institute!  P.S.  Our first 2 lesson plans were due today (in painstaking detail).. and I was up until 1:45 am.  So up I rose at 5 am, much to my dismay. …

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Jun 28 2010

Institute: Day 1

So today was the first official day of institute.  One major thing I will say is that although yesterday was a big disorganized mess in comparison to the primed and polished DC Induction, today impressed me a little more. EXCEPT for the bus situation this morning (leaving 15 minutes late) and the bus situation this…

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