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Jun 25 2010


Hey guys! (to my possibly invisible readers?) So I am in the middle of induction in DC right now. I’ll make sure I keep this short because I’m actually borrowing my roommate Paige’s laptop with stolen internet right now, because I’m not getting a laptop from TFA until I get to Philly, and because we…

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Well.. I did it.  I fit all 6 weeks of my new TFA-infused life into a suitcase and a garment bag.  P.S. Garment bags are amazing- Less wrinkles!!  But tomorrow at 4 am I’m leaving my house because my flight takes off at 6 am from Syracuse to NYC, and then NYC to DC! I’ll…

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Jun 17 2010

By request- Reflection 8

Imagining that it is the end of my first year of teaching and all of my students write me a letter of their opinions, reflections and feelings about my class, I would hope it to be something like: Ms. _______. We appreciate all the work you have put into helping us do well in Chemistry…

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So my pre-institute reading is finished in a general sense–  TFA has given us SO many tools to aid our success as teachers, I think it may literally be impossible to read everything that is given to us (Toolkits, websites, etc.)– but I have finished all of my required reading and all but one reflection:…

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Jun 07 2010


Finished both exercise 4 and 5 yesterday, and tadaaaaaa! Bought a bike today! Productive! My bike ladies and gentlemen!  I can see myself cruising the streets and bike trails of Alexandria already!  It’s nice for a cheap bike, and a good one to start myself off riding again. Target you’ve done it again! I’m thoroughly…

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Update: finished exercise 4 and wrote my reflection. It was deep too. Success!

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Jun 02 2010

And so the journey begins.

In less than three weeks I am going to be doing the unthinkable: moving into a dorm room (yes, again) with a complete stranger, being anxious about the journey before me.  No, I’m not going back to freshmen year of college, but frankly it may be easier if I was.  On June 22nd I will be flying to DC and…

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